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Your Life Has Not Been a Mistake

Your life has not been a random series of events without meaning or purpose — every moment has been by design.

Through all the seeming accidents, losses, and chaos there has always been a larger order seeking to emerge…

The key to reclaiming your life’s power isn’t in changing the past, but in seeing the patterns clearly for the first time.

When you do, you come into alignment with your real reason for being here and discover the work your life has been preparing you for all along.

You are Part of a Human Ecosystem

Just as everything in nature is perfectly orchestrated to collaborate and integrate with everything else, your life has been developing you to fit into your perfect place.

In nature, all the storms and fires and challenges are not there to destroy it but to make it stronger, to activate latent capacities, and to allow it to thrive.

The same principle applies to your life.

You are not an accident. You were called here to fulfill a function, to serve a purpose, and when you do, all of nature will conspire for your fulfillment.

Unlike nature, however, there is one additional thing you must do…

You Must Make
Your Life Code Conscious to Gain Its Benefits

Athough your life story has been working to make you the perfect instrument of your life’s work, you must consciously collaborate with it to gain its benefits.

Unlike nature, you have meta-cognition – the ability to observe your consciousness and make free choices.

Life won’t just happen to you, like in nature – it has to happen through you, so that you can become a fully conscious expression of the universe.

This means that you must learn to read your life code, interpret it, and uncover the meaning, message, and direction it’s pointing you in.

You must put the pieces together to see what larger picture is emerging.

I’ve Spent the Last
Twenty Years Learning How to Read The Life Code

Besides discovering who we really are spiritually, the single biggest quest of my life has been learning how to uncover our real reason for being here.

From Plato to Shakespeare to Jesus to the modern mystics, teachers, and leaders of personal development, I’ve scoured the world’s knowledge on the subject of purpose…

What I’ve discovered is that our true life’s work leaves clues. Everywhere. Just not in the way we’ve often been taught.

There really is an order to the universe. A reason for everything. And when you crack the Life Code you realize at a core level your unique genius and power.

I can’t wait to share this with you and help you — like I have thousands of people – to finally live the life you were born for, the life you’ve been preparing for all along!

Why Most People Fail
Even When They Do All The Right Things!

I spent nearly two decades reading almost every book and taking almost every program, with little progress…until I cracked this code.

Here’s a little dirty secret of the self-help industry…

Statistically, out of all the people who take programs on how to build a business, be a coach, consultant, speaker, write a hit book, or even be a successful artist…

The success rate is in the single digits.

One of the main reasons is that it’s an outside-in approach. It’s all about strategies and tactics, manipulation and maneuvering…

Most programs teach you how to create a book, program, product, or
business that looks like all the rest…but there’s no real juice or
resonance in it…

It’s like plastic fruit – it looks great but there’s nothing in it. Or it’s like creating a beautiful car without any engine.

The power of your life and work is not in the outer things – the website, the strategies or tactics, the perfect partners, or the fancy promotions…

The power to succeed and make a massive impact is in being who you really are, who you were designed to be, and delivering the unique gifts your life has prepared you for.

Then knowing how to turn that into your unique soul-signature offering.

This should seem so obvious, yet it is rarely ever taught.

The first, and most important, step is to get back in touch with your unique pattern – that soul signature — and the unique way it’s meant to show up in the world.

Then you can build the rest around it – and it will carry a resonance that will act like a homing beacon attracting your ideal clients, opportunities, and so much more!

Learn Your life Code, Heal Your Life Story

One of the biggest benefits of cracking the life code and seeing what your life has really been about is that you heal your life story.

Imagine how you’d feel if you saw – really saw – that you were never abandoned or betrayed, that you never lost anything,
that you were never damaged.

Imagine how you’d feel if you saw – really saw – that all the enemies
in your life had really been allies in a bigger plan,
guiding you toward your destiny.

Imagine how you’d feel if you saw – really saw –
that you weren’t the character you’ve been playing,
limited to the play you’ve been in…

But that you were the actor and the author,
and it was all created to make you the
hero or heroine of your life.

This is not theory…
this is the Truth about you and your life!

When you see this – really see it –
layers of pain, years of struggle,
and many of the chains that
have bound you will begin to release.

And when this happens,
all the energy that has
been syphoned away by coping,
managing, surviving,
and fueling your past…

Will be given back to power
your present and future life
at a whole new,
unimaginable level.

Take Back ALL Your Power Once And For All!

There is a certain amount of energy coming into you every day. It’s there for healing and fulfilling your deepest desires.

There’s enough coming in to do all of this and more.

The problem is, because we are so caught in the story of our life, pressured by the demands of our world, and asleep to who we really are and why we’re alive…

Most of this energy is being invested in our past, trying to reconcile all the wounds and failures, or being projected into our future trying to manage what might come.

The result is that we have little to no energy left in the present to manifest the divine pattern trying to emerge.

In some cases, we are even in energetic debt – causing us to pull from the very cells of our body just to get through the day.

This leads to feeling stuck, overwhelmed, stressed, burned out – and having nothing left to give life to our dreams.

The sense of anxiety, unfulfillment, and powerlessness leads to compulsive and addictive patterns to numb the pain of not living your true purpose and fulfilling your greatest potential.

Cracking The Life Code
Unleashes Your Untapped Power!

When you learn to read your life code and activate its power, you take back all that energy you’ve been wasted…

Your creative capacities go to a whole new level!

I used to procrastinate, start things but never finish, get distracted easily, and then crash after a few cycles of this.

When I unlocked my unique pattern and designed a way of life around it, I was shocked by the level of creativity and productivity I had.

I was able to start and finish things consistently!

What used to take me days, took me hours.

Things that seemed impossible (because my nervous system was so taxed) suddenly felt doable – things I never dreamed of.

People often marvel at how I get so much done-and sure there’s a level of practice that is needed – but the key has been this internal alignment and focus.

Someone connected to their Life Code isn’t fueled merely by external things or people. They’re fueled by a core of power that comes from their deeper purpose.”

“Even when they’re tired, uninspired, or sick, if they need to accomplish something, the energy and ability is there, almost like magic!

This is the power of coming back into integrity with your real reason for being here and no longer being stuck in your limited story.

“When I found Derek’s work, I was on the verge of losing my house. Last month I made more money in one week than I make in a month. Derek is a true Master. He has the ability to get to the heart of any issue in a short time, then gives us exactly what we need to continue the momentum of the breakthrough.”

— Kim Marino

“I was homeless and desperate, taking 20-30 prescriptions. Now I’m in my own apartment, I’m engaged, my prescriptions have dwindled down to two pills a day, which are also disappearing. I am now a testimony to the very re-programming that Derek is sharing. God Bless!”

— Jennifer, Boise

Your Life Code Is a
Homing Beacon that Draws Everything to You

Is confidence merely a feeling, a belief, or is it something more? I believe it’s a force of nature, a force of our spirit, an inner knowing of who and what we really are and why we are alive when we’re in integrity with our true purpose and passion.

There’s a difference between real confidence and mere cockiness or arrogance. You can push through things with a level of arrogance, but it leaves a toxic byproduct that can hurt people and diminish resources in its wake. Real confidence, however, leaves you and everyone else around you stronger and better off.

It’s that inner knowing that you can and you will achieve whatever it is you desire — because it’s actually the inner awareness of the self that has ALREADY ARRIVED.

In truth, your real self is already living in harmony, in wholeness, abundance, and total success. So true confidence isn’t a hope or personal power that you will get something or somewhere, it’s a remembering, an inner awareness of that part of you that is already there.

The Life Code

After two decades of searching, struggling, and testing in the laboratory of my life and with tens of thousands of people around the world, I have put together what I’m sure you’ll see is the most comprehensive and unique system on discovering your life’s work and putting it into the world in a powerful way.

Here’s what we cover in this deep-dive but simple, step-by-step program:

Life Code Fundamentals—Your Map of Reality and Survival Kit Our life’s work comes out of our life story, our biggest message from our biggest messes — everything is conspiring to make you the person who can fulfill your unique purpose and give your unique gifts. On the human level, it looks like everything is just random chance and accident, but underneath it has a definite plan.

When you understand the underlying map and survival kit you created to make it through this story, you will have in your hands an almost magical compass that will lead you out of the wilderness into a whole new land of possibilities.

The Core Wound & The Core InitiationWe talk about core wounds that lead to repression of one part or more, and cause us to create coping mechanisms that limit and oppress our greater potential. But there’s something deeper going on – a Core Initiation. These early traumas are activating deeper capacities and launching you on a quest designed to develop some very important parts of you.

When you see your life through the lens of the core wound, you are trapped in the story, believing you’re the character, a victim of circumstances, and the best you can do is improve your ability to cope, survive, and manage the problems life sends you.

But when you learn how to see your life from this higher level, enemies become allies, obstacles become opportunities, struggles make you stronger – and you reclaim all the power and ability — and even time you think you’ve lost!

Your Ego’s Goal & Your Soul’s Goal Because of the psychological model and conditioning around wound-ology, most people are striving to just survive, cope, or improve a self they believe is unworthy, damaged, or not good enough. This leads to what is called ‘the false goal’ and it’s where most people remain stuck. The worst part is that even if they get it, they are never satisfied, and it often leads to worse methods of coping.

At this stage you see the real goal you’re here for, the real reason you experienced what you did – like someone turning on a light and suddenly realizing you’ve been living in the dark most your life! Like staring at one of those pictures with another picture hidden in it. When you finally see it, everything makes sense.

Your Life’s Work Is Hidden In Your Life StoryThe Workshop You’ve Been Living Is the One You’ll Be Giving.

In this stage, we’ll identify the key learning moments, turning points, greatest epiphanies that have shaped your life, changed the course of things, and brought you to where you are now. As we do, you’ll see the underlying ‘framework’ you’ve been living. This reveals the intrinsic wisdom you have, your unique areas of genius and the real message and mission you came here for.

Your life has had great lessons to teach you – and as you understand them, you are now empowered to teach those life lessons to others with a similar journey – even if you haven’t mastered them. Just the fact that you see and understand them makes your wisdom real and valuable to others – because awareness is the beginning of real choice, real power, and true freedom.

Whether you’re a writer, teacher, healer, artist, entrepreneur, or employee, understanding this will make you a leader, a light, and a beneficial presence wherever you go. It will also give you the secret sauce to creating work that stands out from the competition – because when you’re expressing your authentic self, there is no competition!

The Question Your Life Answers, The Problem Your life SolvesIn this stage, we more fully define your unique path and message by looking at your life’s journey from different perspectives. On one hand, your life story illustrates a problem you’ve been trying to solve, but it has also been a journey about a question you’re trying to answer.

In drama, this is called the dramatic question, and that question compels the whole story — ‘Can love conquer all?’ “Can you really have it all?” “Can one be successful and supported by being their authentic self?” The story then reveals the blueprint of what it takes to answer that question. The same is true for your life story.

Once you realize the core question your life is trying to answer and the core problem your life is seeking to solve, you not only understand why things have happened, but you’re able to realign your path to be on purpose and communicate this wisdom in a way that makes a powerful impact.

This is the kind of mastery and congruence that leads to ideal opportunities, successful projects, dynamic creativity and productivity, and a quantum leap in your capacity to create more abundance.

Your Unique POV and PositioningOne of the biggest missing pieces from most programs, products, services, or creative works is a truly original, authentic point of view or ‘voice.’ Because most people don’t really know who they are or what they represent, they spend most of their energy trying to be like someone else.

This leads to cookie-cutter expressions, clichés, and more of the same old thing, over and over. The result is either crickets or white noise.

In order to serve your ideal tribe, client, or customer, you need to know who is serving them – you need to know where you stand, how you stand, and what you stand for, in a clear, specific, easily communicable way. This is true whether you’re an author, teacher, speaker, healer, coach, consultant, entrepreneur, employee, and even a parent.

The power of this is what creates movements, changes cultures, accelerates evolution, and ultimately leaves a lasting legacy. And in case you’re wondering if your life is meant to be legendary, the answer is an emphatic YES! Life doesn’t make any junk, or anything mediocre, it only creates masterpieces – but you have to collaborate with it to bring forth your unique work of art and work of heart.

Your Ideal Client or Tribe – the Ones You’re Here to ServeJust as everything in an ecosystem is part of the whole, perfectly created to fulfill a function and serve some aspect of that system, you are here to meet a specific need for a specific type of person. In this section, we identify who that is. To realize is that it’s not everyone. In fact, you know you’re on the right track if your your message or product alienates as many people as it attracts.

One of the most empowering aspects of this stage of development is you discover that being who you really are is the greatest gift you can give anyone and the greatest chance you have at success.

Without this awareness, many people spend their lives trying to change, fix, or improve themselves into finally being the right person – taking them further and further away from the person they’re meant to be, and the life they deeply desire and deserve. After this process, you won’t make that mistake anymore. You’ll be on track to start being who you really are and making the impact that only you can.

Your Client’s Unique Ascension PathOnce you see the map of your life story, and the unique wisdom it contains, you are uniquely qualified to help others on a similar journey of growth or transformation. So in this stage, we will craft the client ascension path – that unique, step-by-step system for getting them where they are to where they want to be.

The best part is you don’t need to be an expert or master to be of tremendous value, you just need to understand the terrain – the underlying patterns that have run you, the strategies you used to cope, the practices that helped you survive and grow, and the lessons they present (which you will know at this stage).

This alone allows you to inspire, guide, support, and help people who struggle with a similar life path, because most people have no idea what their life means or the lessons it’s trying to teach them — most people are just trying to get through the day!

I can’t stress this enough: you already contain a treasure-trove of transformational wisdom, and just by unearthing it you will be able to make a huge impact on your ideal tribe.

Creating Your Ultimate FrameworkThis is where we put it all together into the unique framework or design that will serve as the foundation for whatever vehicle of expression you choose – coaching, teaching, writing, speaking, healing, consulting, counseling, business-building, creating art in all its forms, etc. – by creating the specific sequential or non-sequential structure for the delivery of your message and impact.

The amazing part about this is you can literally use this framework to create a powerful book, a transformational program, a keynote talk, a weekend workshop, a multi-part online course, a yearlong coaching program, a series of blog posts or podcasts, an entire design for a business model – artwork, songs, even an entire art show or album.”

The implications of having this established are too many to list here. Suffice it to say, this framework becomes a sort of Rosetta Stone upon which you can translate your deepest value and greatest impact into almost any area of life.

Creating Your Soul Signature OfferIn this module we uncover the unique motifs, themes, metaphors, and symbols of your life and use that to craft the specific, branded system or approach for your work in the world.

This is where the universal principles, practices, or lessons your life contains become a novel, marketable offering – like The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The Four Agreements, The Power of Now, The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success, Eat-Pray-Love, The Secret, etc.

The best part about this is that it’s not something you are making up, it’s what you are made of — because we have excavated it directly from your life instead of just pulling it out of thin air. This is another key distinction between this work and most other programs that teach you how to create your life’s work, purpose, program, product, or service.

We’re not coming up with trendy theories or clever concepts. We’re not regurgitating something from a book or someone else’s work. We are creating something truly unique and unprecedented – something that has never quite existed before, yet it is totally relatable and resonant – because it comes directly from you!

This is the essence of most best-sellers, hit programs, sustainable products, legendary leaders, and businesses that create a movement.

Healing Your Life Story By Revealing Its True MeaningIn this section we use the new, expanded understanding of your life to more fully heal your life. At this stage, you will already have such a different, deeper awarenss of your life that you’ll never see it the same again. But we take it further, unearthing areas of unforgiveness, pockets where your power is being given away, or leaking – and reclaim it.

Life hasn’t been happening to you, it’s been happening for you. Your seeming enemies really have been allies in your evolution. Every obstacle really has been placed there as an opportunity for growth.

Every struggle has emerged to make you stronger. And when you’re done with this, those won’t be mere affirmations, they will become a living reality. That’s power and freedom, baby! Think of the influence and impact you can have on people – from your loved ones to your clients. This is the stuff legends are made of!

Resonant Sale & MarketingOne of the biggest challenges for heart-centered, spirituality-minded people is the idea of sales and marketing, including all the online strategies from email to sales pages to social media. It all just seems like a black hole of confusion and competition and something that will take forever to figure out. (It’s not just me, right?)

But when you have this powerful framework, your ability to communicate your message, value, and benefits become almost automatic.

At this point, you will understand the real pain, problems, and ambitions of your ideal clients, readers, students, or audience – but even more, you’ll understand the specific ways in which they struggle, because they’re just like you.

And when you speak in those terms, and weave this into every aspect of your offerings, you are literally entering into the conversation already going on in their head – and they will feel like you’ve been reading their diary!

They’ll feel like you’re talking directly to them. It will feel personal. It will feel real. Because it is! You get these people – and they feel gotten. The result is that you become irresistible to them. There’s trust and rapport, almost instantly. This isn’t sales, it’s authentic service. And that’s a complete game-changer.

Whatever business, practice, literary or creative work you’re creating, understanding your life code will allow you to deliver work that is authentic, that resonates with your ideal client and tribe – and contributes in a way that is truly meaningful, in a way that truly matters. It gives you the competitive advantage.

The greatest leaders, artists, innovators, or entrepreneurs in any area have tapped into this. They may call it their great passion, that thing they’re willing to die for or the thing that makes life worth living for, they may not even know how they did it – but if it’s a work that resonates, it’s because it comes from the deepest, most authentic part of them. That’s what your life’s work is meant to do.

The Life Code of a Family, Company, Culture, Country, and World If you want to expand your potential impact in the world, learning how to read the life code of other people, companies, cultures, and even countries will begin to expand your awareness of what’s really emerging in any given industry or the world at large.

Everyone and everything has an underlying perfect pattern. And the more you can see this, the more you come into harmony with the universal order and flow – which gives you even greater advantages, increases your value exponentially, and elevates your work and wisdom beyond merely the ordinary to the extraordinary.

This isn’t necessary to be successful in the world, but if you want to be a lifelong learner and walk the path of true mastery, this section will give you a head-start!

“I was on the verge of bankruptcy, about to lose my home and my company. Derek’s work helped me see and feel that I had everything – and within 14 days, I had a new job, new customers and a lot of work from existing customers. My banker hardly believed his eyes when he looked at my balance sheet!”

— Lars Rasmussen, Denmark

“My income went from barely making it to earning $8,500 in one month! That’s more than I’ve ever experienced in my life! Thank you Derek for being my teacher, guide, and coach! I can hardly wait for my next “breakthrough!”

— Terrie Marie, the Angel Lady


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After twenty years of working with people around the world, I’ve identified 8 core patterns that prevent people from being able to tap into their true purpose and activate its power. This program will help you get free of them permanently and accelerate your progress in the Life Code process and beyond.

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Having your grand purpose and understanding your life’s work is a phenomenal step toward living the life of your dreams. But without a solid plan for the year – a plan that allows you to know step-by-step, day-by-day what to do to stay on course – it is difficult to make sustainable progress and create real momentum.

The fact is, a vision without a plan is a fantasy, and a plan that isn’t on your calendar is just wishful thinking! But after this program, you won’t have a wishbone anymore, you’ll have a strong backbone with an equally powerful plan of action.

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Multiple books published, programs released, practices launched and filled with clients, radio programs, businesses created – and profound healings around lifelong issues that they hadn’t understood until after the Life Code process.

All because they discovered the real meaning and purpose of their life story, and finally began to live their life’s work and activate their soul’s true power.

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Life doesn’t just happen, it happens ‘just’ through practices that align you with universal principles of success.

The Life Code isn’t just a process to discover your true purpose and life’s work, it is a principle that unlocks your latent power and potential – it is your essence, your core, the thing that really drives you, influences others, and allows you to make the biggest impact in your personal and professional world.

Without this level of understanding, most people are destined to go around in circles, trying to reinvent the wheel or trying to duplicate what others have done – at best. But with this new level of integration, your life and work become like a homing beacon for your ideal clients and perfect opportunities, positioning you to make the kind of impact that leaves a lasting legacy.

This is not theory, this is time-tested with proven results — if you want to fulfill your deepest desires and ultimate purpose, with power, poise, and passion, you need to be connected to your Life Code.

If you’re ready to design a way of life that leads to the life of your dreams, a life where you feel in control again, join me on this journey and let’s take your whole life to the next level!

Take advantage of The Life Code Today!

Part of the new generation of spiritual visionaries and thought leaders, Derek Rydall is the author of the #1 Amazon/Barnes & Noble best-seller EMERGENCE: Seven Steps for Radical Life Change and the world’s #1 expert on the revolutionary Law of Emergence.

He has trained top executives at Fortune 500 companies (from American Express to Disney) in empowered leadership and communications, and has coached celebrities and media professionals, including Oscar and Emmy winners, on creating conscious entertainment.

As a regular Huffington Post contributor, and host of the top-rated Emergence podcast on iTunes, he reveals cutting-edge spiritual principles and success strategies to achieve financial freedom and abundance, master productivity and creativity, and gain true wealth and happiness. With his global platform, Derek has touched hundreds of thousands around the planet with his message on finding your path, living your purpose and making a powerful impact!